Foundational HTML

Learn HTML by building a basic Gmail replica

This course assumes no previous knowledge of HTML which makes it perfect for absolute beginners. Everything we learn we immediately apply to building basic Gmail replica that grows in complexity as we learn more HTML syntax. We'll cover 30 most common HTML elements which we'll use to write more than 600 lines of HTML code, we'll discuss the difference between static websites and dynamic web apps and we'll go through technical documentation so you know where to get answers and avoid ever needing another HTML course.

Course Curriculum

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Petar Petrovic
Petar Petrovic

In 2016 I started learning front-end full-time and after six months I landed my first coding job. Now I help beginners get there even faster.

Before launching Front-End Lane I worked as a front-end developer for Amazon, Hulu and GoDaddy developing React and AngularJS web apps.

I love getting to know my students so please feel free to email me at [email protected] and introduce yourself. I personally respond to every email.

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